Covid-19 Testimonial

Covid-19 has impacted all of us in many ways. It impacted our ability to work, to socialize, and to accomplish our goals. Although like many others I have learned to overcome many of the hindrances with which it has challenged me. For example I quickly adapted to be able to work and learn online. Overall I still prefer an in-person work and learning environment, but the pandemic has taught me how to effectively work and learn remotely which will only broaden my professional opportunities. I also began socializing over Zoom and Discord more than I had previously, and I was able to make the personal connections between colleagues and friends just as I would have in person. Continuing to accomplish my goals was tougher than I expected during the pandemic. Even though I had many online tools to do what needed to be done, my mental state was still saddened overall. Whether the information came from the news, school, or my workplace the common theme was that things weren’t going well. Luckily with perseverance and support I was able to complete many of the goals I set out to accomplish this year. With regards to my project I did not finish every feature I planned on, and many aspects of it changed along the way, but overall I am proud of my work. I still was able to build an interesting piece of technology that might be the starting point for something bigger, better, and more polished.